Thursday, September 10, 2009

Marie Necklace

My necklace from the Charmsters yahoo group was returned to me. It is just fabulous, and I'm amazed that so many of the artists kind of researched the life and times of Marie and incorporated that into their pieces. It has taken me awhile to post about it, because, when I sent it off, I had ribbon on it, as I was battling a very obnoxious case of the hives, and metal seemed to really set it off. So, when I received it back, the ribbon was gone, and the chain was twisted, and there were all of these charms on a length of chain! Now, I don't have the ribbon back on it yet, but I do have it all figured out, and the chain is now behaving!

I removed the pages of a French language book and made it so the necklace would travel safely and securely--this is the cover:

And here's the necklace! Aw, she's a beauty!

Yes, the chain is huge--well, larger than life, just like Marie!

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