Monday, February 1, 2010

Art and Soul/Vegas Pocket Skirt - Part 1

This is the skirt that I will be altering to wear to the Art and Soul/Vegas Pocket Skirt Fashion Show. I'm super-pshyched to start working on it, but I have to do some other prep work before I can really begin. And that's all I can say! I'll post more photos as it progresses, I promise!


  1. Looks good right from the start...can't wait to see how it looks altered!

  2. That's very much what I envisioned but didn't have time to do. Plus, I'm not sure I'll get to the hotel and be ready to do anything by 2. So I'm not going to the tea and fashion show. But look for me to trade with. I'll be the fat blonde on a rental mobility scooter. The hair is often in a pony tail or it would be full of paint!