Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Charms: I've got good news and bad news.......

Grab something to drink, because this is going to be a bit long! Well, we'd better get started.....

So, i signed up for a charm swap with the Charmsters yahoo group where we were to make text charms ala Deryn Mentock. Basic description: Text under a wire shape and sealed in something clear, Well, I got them made(I used DG3) and mailed off, but when they arrived, Maureen, the hostess, informed me that they had stuck to the packaging, and were cloudy. Well, I was just mortified, and asked that she return them to me. She said that I had time to make more and get them to her. I had my reservations, because I was going to do the same thing/use the same product, so I wasn't sure how I was going to get a better result, but I'm always up for a challenge.

Batch 2, same problem. Now I'm running out of time, patience and DG3. Plus, now it's time for me to go to St Louis to my granddaughter's pinning ceremony. My other problem is that I do not live near any great scrapbook/rubber stamp stores--only the chain stores, and they don't carry DG3. I was able to pick up some Glossy Accents and a resin kit before I left.

Got Batch 3 made, and used the last of the DG3 on half of them and GA on the other half. However, when I made this batch, I used a transparency to lay them out, and the DG3 did not release at all, so I had to make another half batch. Are you still with me?????

Did a test of the resin on the half of Batch 3, and it turned out great! However, Maureen had announced to the group that she has them ready to mail today!

While not anticipating any problems with making these charms, I sometimes find that the ideas that I come up with are often great in theory, but not in reality. This could have turned out to be one of those times, but because perseverence is hard-wired in my genetic code, I did find a way to make them become a reality. I have given birth easier--and faster--than it took to produce these charms, and I'm almost as happy and as proud! I hope by now, I've peaked your interest, so without further ado, here's its!!!!!

The difficulty, which I totally brought on myself, what that I used a fleur-de-lis punch on the text. The DG3/GA leaked under the paper, but this turned out to be a happy accident, once I got to pouring the resin, since it sealed the paper to the wire and created a bezel of sorts. While I now am sitting her with about 30 garbage charms, and another 8 that are usable, and about 20 kick-ass charms that I hope will find good homes.

So, if you are a Charmster in the Text Swap, and you would like to swap with me, either email me off list, or add a comment, and I will get one off to you by the beginning of next week(I want to give them plenty of time to cure!!!!!) While the bad news is that I missed out on this swap, the good news is that I did get them completed, and overcame my fear of resin!


  1. Hi Zhulia! Holy moly! Giving birth to a child does sound easier!!! :-)

    I am in the swap and would love a charm! I'll send you my address.

    Also, thanks for your perserverance!!! They are absolutely gorgeous so I'd say it was worth it and...CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. Hi Z!!!
    If I get back my left over charms I'd be happy to swap with you! Will you send me your address-so that I have it in an email--or I might forget-- :)
    Brenda Bliss

  3. Zhulia
    I was also in that swap. I'll wait and see if extra charms come back, then I'll have one to trade. Otherwise I will need to make one more.
    Carina aka elakmor@yahoo.com

  4. Sorry you had to go through so much work. But birthing aint easy and you should be a proud momma! haha They are beautiful.

  5. ~*It is a beautiful blog and a pretty charm!*~
    I look forward to reading and seeing more of your posts!

  6. Glad you didn't give! I sent you an email off line but to be sure I'll post here too. Love to trade with you when we get our extra's back. Do we need to email you our address or will you get them off the charmsters list?

  7. oops!! That was supposed to be "glad you didn't give UP!"

  8. Zhulia
    I got my charm back and forwarded it on to you. Let me know when you get it.

  9. Zhulia --
    I'm confused, is glossy accents the same thing as resin? Or did you try three different products? Well, the end result looks good.


  10. Suzanne,
    I say resin, because it's a 2-part product. You have to stir both separately, then mix and stir. With DG3 and Glossy Accents, I just poured it on. And GA is more self-leveling than DG3.